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Faruk Yalçın Hayvanat Bahçesi ve Botanik Parkı

On the 4th of October we celebrated World Animal Day according to the meaning and importance of the day.

A seminar on biodiversity and nature conservation was organized for the school students who visited our park under the coordination of the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks of the Ministry of Forestry. The students, who we followed with great interest, had the opportunity to observe animals closely and learn about what they could do to protect the nature.

Another development we are proud of is the release of the great forest eagle, red hawk, common hawk, which was found wounded by the Ministry of Forestry about a year ago and entrusted to our park. The East Marmara Wildlife Rescue Centre, as a result of the diligent and dedicated efforts of our veterinarians and keepers, 7 animal friends of 4 different species who underwent intensive treatment and rehabilitation were reintroduced to nature. As a result of a long period of rehabilitation within the scope of the cooperation with the Ministry of Forestry, they were brought back to nature where they were ready to fly and hunt on their own.