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Faruk Yalçın Hayvanat Bahçesi ve Botanik Parkı

Faruk Yalçın was born in Ergani on April, 23, 1923.  Faruk Yalçın who was born in the year when Republic was declared, has been to many cities of Turkey because his father was an enlisted man. His passion towards animals and nature roots back to his childhood. His life’s milestone was winning the scholarship from State Railways. He went to Switzerland by the scholarship he won, and studied engineering, and returned to his country in the early 1950s. He is not only one of the most significant businessmen of Turkey but also a nature lover, an animal lover and an education volunteer. In order to share his passion towards nature and animals, he established in 1993 the Turkey’s first private zoo in Darıca, of which name today is Faruk Yalçın Zoo and Botanical Park.  After his retirement in 1994, he worked hard as he did in his career for the development of the park where he spent most of his time. Faruk Yalçın, who made exceptional contributions to his country and business world, was always happy to devote his heart, knowledge, time and labor as well as his financial resources to other living creatures with which we share nature. He also made researches on biology and wrote 21 books on plant and animal care. Faruk Yalçın passed away on December 1, 2008, leaving behind one of the country’s most important awareness ambassadors for wildlife conservation.