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Faruk Yalçın Hayvanat Bahçesi ve Botanik Parkı
Jane, Gölge And Kınalı

Jane, Gölge and Kınalı

  • March 29, 2019

The bond between a mother chimpanzee and her baby is the same as in humans. The mother supports her baby during her lifetime with her knowledge and skills. The female chimpanzee babies are seen to stay with their mother until…

FYZoo Support To Indian Rhinoceros

FYZoo Support to Indian Rhinoceros

  • January 4, 2019

As FYZoo family, we are proud to support conservation projects for the endangered Indian Rhinos in nature. The Indian rhinos, Samir and Komala, who are under protection in our park, will be able to help their species in nature with…

Our Family’s New Member: Red-handed Tamarin

Our Family’s New Member: Red-handed Tamarin

  • September 3, 2018

New guest of FYZoo family is the Red-handed Tamarin. Red-handed Tamarin which has been under conservation in our South American Primates area can be seen with his newly arrived spouse. You can closely see our new couple Marla & Tyler…